Scanatic™ DC Suite I INDIVIDUAL
Scanatic™ DC Suite I INDIVIDUAL
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Individual Package

Recommended for individual designers, freelancers, students, hobbyist

$290 per year plus certification program discount

✓ Premium version

✓ 1-year license

✓ Free updates at no extra costs during entire subscription period

✓ Free Online training courses

✓ Certificate of completion

* No refund after purchased


Achieve Advanced and Professional certification to get 50% off on your Scanatic™ DC Suite Individual package 

We offer great perks for those who are committed to our training programs in the 3D Designer Talent Program. When you have completed our advanced and professional certification levels you can make the most of it by getting 50% off of your Scanatic™ DC Suite license next year! How’s that for motivation for exploring all we have to offer?

How to sign up for the certification?

Learn more information at 3D Designer Talent Program 

Who is eligible for the perks?

Anyone who has achieved Advanced and Professional certification within 1 year of your licence start date. 

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