• 3D digital fabric samples

    Creating Digital 3D Fabrics


    Building your own 3D fabric collection is easy with

    the Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner and Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service


    Lightweight & Small

    Speedy & Straightforward


    Innovative and affordable fabric scanner that helps to reduce time and cost for creating the actual fabric swatches and also speed up the process of client communication.

  • Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service


    True-to-life rendering


    The Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service is our proprietary algorithm. It auto generates output in the form of color, specular, normal, metalness, roughness, and ambient-occlusion maps. These outputted formats are generally accepted by most 3D professional software.


    Interactive sharing


    The Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service allows you to share your 3D fabrics through a sharable link or an embeddable HTML code onto your website. (API charges may apply to a higher volume of website traffic)


    ◀︎ See an embedded example


    Contact us to get a free demo of your fabrics in 3D



    Connect your 3D fabrics with…


    Scanatic™ DC Suite 3D fashion design software

    The Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service renders the fabric scan in the most true-to-life way possible for an accurate 3D representation. Easily import the outputted fabric maps into Scanatic™ DC Suite for an instant preview of the 3D apparel design.

    Scanatic™ Stylebook Service

    Augment the fabric review experience by displaying your 3D digital fabric collection, directly applying them to pre-made digital clothing using the Cloudzet™ Store app for the iPad. You may also integrate this 3D visualization capability into your own websites for remote customers to access using the Cloudzet™ Store Web Plug-in

    Other 3D Professional Software

    The Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service automatically generates texture files, including color, normal, specular, and the RMA (roughness, metalness, and ambient-occlusion) maps in PBR format. Hence, the scanned fabrics are accepted by most other 3D professional software programs such as Blender, Maya, 3ds Max and other 3D fashion design software similar to Scanatic™ DC Suite.


    System Requirments


    NunoScan App

    NunoScan App

    iPhone X or SE 2020 with iOS 9.0 or above


    System Specifications


    Dimensions / Weight

    cm: 42 (W) x 57 (D) x 29 (H)
    inch: 17 (W) x 23 (D) x 12 (H)

    weights: 3.9kg / 8.6 lbs​


    110-240V ~ 1.3A 50 - 60Hz power supply.


    Compatible Models and Scan Quality

    *** Dpi may vary if scanned with a phone case on. Recommend to scan with bare phone.


    Compatible Models and Scan Quality

    Frequently Asked Questions


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