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  • TG3D Studio provides customizable 3D solutions and 3D Design Consulting Services to guide you step-by-step through your digital transformation.


    Besides consulting, we also offer the following as our 3D design services :


    ▷ Digitization of design collections

    ▷ Pattern making

    ▷ Customized 3D avatars

    ▷ Digitization of fabrics and trims

    ▷ 3D rendering


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    Who is suitable for this service?


    Independent designer, custom apparel brand, ready-to-wear brand/manufacture, e-commerce retailer, fabric manufacturer, or sourcing company, as long as you aspire to get a quick start with a 3D solution workflow and gain a leading edge for your business in today’s competitive market landscape.

  • TG3D Studio 3D Technical Design Consulting Services

    Why TG3D Studio?

    TG3D Studio has partnered successfully with leading brands such as H&M Group in over 40+ countries.
    From our own development of the Scanatic™ for Fashion solutions, which span across the areas of 3D body scanning, AI measurement extractions, avatar animations, fabric scanning, 3D fashion design, 3D rendering to e-commerce integrations, we have many in-house talents who have hands-on experience with not just everything 3D but also in developing 3D solutions.

  • How do you start?





    Book a FREE 1-hour consultation session with one of our team members




    We will discuss your goals and work together to put together a plan with the best approach to help you achieve your objectives




    We will guide you through implementing those solutions


    Assessment & Integration


    Together, we will assess the performance and integrate


    From a business that finds 3D technology daunting to a business that is empowered, efficient and creative with the adoption of 3D technology, this is how you will succeed:


    Empower custom apparel retailers

    Custom apparel brands

    • Precise body measurements: Use a unified, automatic mechanism to obtain consumers' digital body profiles in a non-invasive and contactless way, and avoid human errors.

    • No need for multiple fittings: Use body profile data to allow production to achieve precise cuts and automation, and reduce the need for multiple fittings.

    • Speed up the sales cycle: Increase transaction turnaround and minimize alterations.

    Empower Ready-to-wear apparel brands

    Ready-to-wear brands

    • Demand-Driven Production Model: Get a market feel with 3D digital apparel assets long before production to avoid miss-shoots on merchandising and forecasting.

    • Reduce return rates: Utilize data on your target consumers’ body shapes to redefine sizing. Link the design to size recommendations to reduce returns due to incorrect sizes.

    • Brick-and-mortar to E-Commerce: Transition brick-and-mortar customers to e-commerce without the frictions of excessive returns.

    • Customization: Offer premium customization services that are better personalized and tailored to fit.

    • On-demand manufacturing: Integrate technology with an on-demand manufacturing model (Industry 4.0).

    Empower Designers and patter makers

    Designers & pattern makers

    • Significantly reduce physical prototyping: Get the perfect fit, draping, and silhouette for the design faster, and avoid back-and-forth fitting.

    • Effective communication: Communicate effectively with virtual assets across the value chain during the product development process.

    • Easy communications with buyers: Configure the look and create a design on the fly to present to buyers without waiting for a physical product to be made for photography.

    Empower fabric manufacturers

    Fabric/ textile Suppliers

    • 3D fabric swatches: Digitize fabric collections in a fast and cost-effective way.

    • Versatile fabric visualization: Market to global audiences using virtual 3D fabric presentation, either stand-alone or made up as a garment.

    • Reduce fabric swatches cost: Minimize or eliminate the sending of physical fabric swatches.

    Empower Retail and E-commerce

    Retail & E-commerce brands

    • Perfect sizing recommendation: Deliver a painless shopping experience to consumers with intelligent size recommendations to the SKU level.

    • Interactive shopping experience: Provide an interactive 3D product configurator along with visualizations.

    • No more endless trying on: Offer customers the opportunity to try on apparel in a virtual setting without the inconvenience of physical changing rooms.

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