• 3D Virtual Body Measurements Simulator


    Scanatic™ 3D Body Scanner


    3D body simulator and virtual body measurements empowered

    by cutting-edge Scanatic™ 3D bodyscanning technology.



  • 3D Body Simulator of High Accuracy - Virtual Body Measurements


    Fast, Accurate, & Safe!

    The world's first self-service 3D body simulator that is fast, accurate, and safe to use!


    Discover a virtual body measurements simulator with built-in features for precise 3D virtual body measurements.


    Our 3D body visualizer and customizer capture millions of data points on the body's surface, ensuring unmatched accuracy

    3D body simulator benefits

    We Help Businessess Grow

    The 3D body scanning experience is accessible and inviting.


    Within 3 seconds, virtual body measurements capture all the data needed for a tailor to create a custom suit. Fine tune and perfect the design using our 3D body customizer software to:

    • Save time
    • Speed up sales cycle
    • Significantly lower the modification rates
    3d body scanner for virtual body measurements

    How Does 3D Body Scanning Work?

    The answer is fairly simple:


    1. Step in and follow the directions on screen.

    2. Scan in only 3 seconds

    3. Find the scanned results and measurements in your account

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  • Business Applications & Testimonials


    3D body scanner used in tailor shops

    Tailor Shops

    Helps standardize measurements, thus expediting the sales cycle and reducing adjustment rates.

    3D body scanner for fashion retail

    Fashion Retailers

    Provides size recommendations, which can help decrease the return rate.

    3D digital fashion tools for education

    Educational Institutions

    Students acquire practical knowledge from start to finish, by using TG3D Studio's full suite solution.

    3D body simulator used for fitness

    Fitness & Sports

    Offers precise body composition and shape measurements.

    virtual body simulator for medical use


    Analyze posture and monitor changes in posture over time 

  • App for 3d body scanning

    The Cloudzet™ App

    The Cloudzet™ App is your customer's personalized interface with the Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner.


    It provides step-by-step on-screen instructions to guide users through the 3D body scan process so that the 3d body customizer and 3d body simulator can generate the scan results.


    It then displays their 3D scanned body and, if you are subscribed to the Scanatic™ SizeRec Service, gives recommendations just for customers.

    Download the Cloudzet App on the App Store
    Download the Cloudzet App on the Google play

    Scanatic™ Body Service

    Processes the 3D data into sets of body measurements and a 3D scan body along with a virtual body measurements simulator

    • 3D Data processing time in 30 seconds. 
    • 250+ preset pattern-making specific body measurement data. 
    • Customize your own virtual body measurements in 3D data.
    • Review/ Adjust body measurement landmarks.


    Scanatic™ Body Service Add-On Services

    *Requires a subscription to the Scanatic™ Body Service

     Scanatic™ LiveAvatar Service

    Creates a sophisticated 3D body avatar using a 3d body simulator with a changeable posture and realistic movements.


    Creating a 3D body avatar that comes alive for your customers.

    3D body simulator for fashion_Scanatic™ LiveAvatar

     Scanatic™ 3D Measure Service

    Connects TG3D Studio's proprietary data processing algorithms and advanced refining tools with your third part body scanner.


    Simply upload your 3D body avatar information to the Scanatic™ for Fashion website to use it.

    virtual 3D body measurements_Scanatic™  3DMeasure

    Connects your client's body measurement profile with your sizing system.

    This means fewer trips to the changing room to try on multiple sizes, and fewer returns of online purchases with all the processes that involve.

    Learn more about this service on the "Digital Retail Experience" page.

    Size recommendation_Scanatic™ Body Scan SizeRec
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    Connect Your 3D Body Avatar & Measurement With… 

    All of our solutions are seamlessly connected to each other. Easily import the outputted 3D body avatar into Scanatic™ DC Suite for virtual garment fitting.

    Scanatic™ DC Suite 3D fashion design software

    Other 3D Professional Software

    The Scanatic™ Body Service generates the 3D body avatar in .obj files and the Scanatic™ LiveAvatar Service generates the 3D body avatar in .fbx files which are accepted by most 3D professional software including Blender, Maya, 3ds Max and other 3D fashion design software similar to Scanatic™ DC Suite.

    3D Professional Software

    Our Models

    The Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner comes in a choice of models and according to your needs. Choose from:

    Scanatic™ 360 body scanner TG2000-F


    An industrial-grade frame for a designated location.

    Captures 5.5 Million raw 3D points on the body surface.

    Lightweight (<50 kg).

    Quick installation - in 30 minutes on average.

    Handle free - real-time arm detection to assist in the correct stance and posture.

    Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner TG1050


    An industrial-grade frame for a designated location.

    Multi-purpose fitting room.

    Minimalistic design to easily blend with your store decor.

    Side handles to assist in the correct stance and posture.

    Captures 4.9 million raw 3D points on the body surface.


    All of Our Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner Models Offer

    • An industrial-grade, reliable, quiet, and dust-resistant controller system developed through extensive R&D.
    • Automatic and remote updates when a new system software becomes available for zero maintenance.
    • A 3D body avatar generation - scanning time of 3 seconds.
    • An average processing time of under 30 seconds.
    • Over 250 sets of body measurement data* specific to pattern making.
    * requires a subscription to the Scanatic™ Body Service.
  • System Specifications

    Dimensions / Weight


    cm: 152 (W) x 132 (D) x 202 (H)
    inch: 60 (W) x 52 (D) x 80 (H)

    weight: 39kg / 86 lbs​

    Scan Volume

    900 (W) x 590 (D) x 2000 (H)*





    *dimensions taken at the center of the scanner


    Output format

    Body measurement data:

    .csv, .xlsx, printable .pdf and JSON via Scanatic™ APIConnect Service


    3D avatar:

    .obj, .fbx*

    *with subscription to Scanatic™ LiveAvatar Service


    Installation Site Requirements


    A wired internet cable with RJ45 connector, configured for DHCP and a stable 2mbps up/downlink bandwidths.




    110V/220V power supply.

    Minimum of 150 watt power source.

    Ambient Lighting

    YES LED-based light sources​​

    NO direct sunlight or other infra-red interfering light sources shining at the Body Scanner

    NO reflective materials (including mirrors) inside the Body Scanner

    NO dramatic ambient temperature variations


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