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    Adapt Fabric Digitization

    Skopos Fabrics is a leading supplier of flame-retardant fabrics and soft furnishings in the contract interiors market, also a trusted provider to industries such as hotels, cruise-liners, offices, student accommodations, and care settings.


    The brand recognized the need for fabric digitization, therefore, has embraced innovative fabric scanner and digitization service to elevate the experience that their website can offer.

    Digital Fabrics - immersive online experience

    Immersive Online Experience

    Skopos Fabrics aimed to enhance the fabric selection process and provide a more immersive experience by enabling customers to visualize their designs and fabrics on 3D elements.


    Customers now have the ability to activate the 3D render viewer on the website, allowing them to see how designs would look on furniture and curtains.


    This interactive feature has received positive feedback, and the digitized fabrics has aided customers in making more informed decisions.

    fabric digitization

    A Support Tool for the Brand

    The 3D viewer showcases their fabrics in the best possible manner, ensuring that the true beauty and quality of their products are accurately represented.


    Additionally, the Account Management team can utilize the 3D viewer during meetings, using it as a tool to further illustrate the flexibility of the designs.

    digitized fabrics with smooth edges

    The Challenges

    Throughout the implementation process, Skopos Fabrics encountered a few challenges when utilizing the fabric scanner and digitization service. Selecting the most suitable models and avoiding a patchwork effect presented initial difficulties. However, with the support of TG3D Studio, Skopos' in-house team has successfully resolved these issues, by using design software to ensure that edges were smoothed and that no clear patterning was visible for plain fabrics.


    "The team at TG3D were also helpful, especially with guidance for the printed designs which are all now available to view on models via the Skopos website." Said Lynn Wade, the Marketing Manager of Skopos Fabrics.

    Skopos Fabrics Madurai Collection

    Anticipate What's Coming Next

    By leveraging advanced technology, Skopos Fabrics has transformed the fabric selection experience, providing customers with a visual tool that brings their designs to life.


    When asked if they would recommend fabric digitization, Lynn expressed a positive response and also mentioned her anticipation for the fabric scanner to support a larger scan area in the future.


    Fortunately, we have good news! We are excited to announce that an upgrade for TG3D Studio's fabric scanner is planned for Q4 2024!

  • Fabric Digitization Service

    Technology powered by TG3D Studio

    digitized textile

    Digitize physical fabrics by using TG3D Studio’s Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service.

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    Building 3D model of furnitures that allows being displayed dynamically on screen.






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