• Incomparable 3D Shopping Experience

    by TG3D's Digital Retail Solutions

    Elevate brand's virtual fashion experience by providing advanced digital shopping experience, that allows your customers to browse, try-on your online products at anytime, anywhere.


    For E-commerce


    Digital 3D Configurator Display

    *Requires a subscription to the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service; various packages available


    An interactive and innovative web plug-in on your website, let users customize their ideal styles in 3D.

    The 3D display helps users visualized their design, and saves your time to uploading multiple pieces of different combinations of fabric, trims and styles.


    Shopify 3D configurator plug-in


    Simple & Easy Shopify Integration

    *Requires a subscription to the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service + Web Plug-in and API fee


    No experience in coding? Integrate your 3D clothes design from your StyleBook library with your Shopify store, to provide a customization experience. Easily be done by following our step-by-step instructions!


    3D Configurator

    Cloudzet Store Web Plug-in 

    *Requires a subscription to the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service + Web Plug-in and API fee


    With APIs and our Cloudzet Store Web Plug-in Service, you can create a 3D e-commerce website, which integrates seamlessly with your websites, orders management, CRM, PLM system, etc.



    Virtual Try-On

    Virtual Try-On

    With our advanced body scan and fabric scan technology, customers who have their 3D body scan records are able to try on true-to-life digital apparels of different sizes virtually, which enables customers to walk into your 3D fitting room at anytime and anywhere.



    For Brick and Mortar Stores


    Cloudzet Store App for iPad


    Boost in-Store Shopping Experience:

    Cloudzet Store App for iPad

    *Requires a subscription to the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service


    Create your own digital 3D product catalog to deliver an immersive shopping experience with Cloudzet Store App for iPad. Customers can interact and customize your clothing designs by zooming in to see the details, spinning around to different angles, or even changing the fabrics, trims, and styles of the designs.




    Decrease your return and exchange rates with Scanatic™ SizeRec Service



    Decrease Return & Exchange rates: Scanatic™ SizeRec Service

    *Requires a subscription to the Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner and Body Service


    Customers come in all shapes and sizes and as we know, there is no one universal sizing system. We’ve designed a process to help your customers understand how your sizes work on their own bodies, so that they can buy a garment size with confidence, and knowing it will fit them. This means fewer trips to the changing room to try on multiple sizes, and fewer returns of online purchases.



     System Requirements 

    Cloudzet™ Store App for the iPad

    2018 iPad or later generations / iPad Pro

    Cloudzet™ App

    Avaliable on iOS and Andriod system



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