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    TG3D Studio is your trusted partner providing versatile and all-inclusive 3D technology solutions for everyone from independent fashion professionals to large enterprises


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    What can you achieve by transforming into digital fashion?


    Achieve your Sustainability Goal


    Eliminate a huge amount of waste during your development process with virtual sampling. It has been proven by our partners that they have saved 80% of the fabric, energy, water, and pollution waste of traditional processes after adopting 3D virtual prototyping.





  • Communication with 3D and Photorealistic Visuals


    Show your designs in photorealistic 3D visuals, which vastly speeds up communication with your brand’s clients, pattern makers, technical designers, and the end consumers.





  • Digital Data Pave your Way into the Future


    Maximize the use of digital data to understand your customers, forecast future demands, and plan strategically. This prevents wasted overproduction and minimizes customer returns.


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    How TG3D Studio could help with custom apparel brands?

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