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    TG3D Studio is your trusted partner providing versatile and all-inclusive 3D solutions for everyone from independent fashion professionals to large enterprises.


    3D design consulting service

    Advising, Analyzing, Troubleshooting


    Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner/ Body Service


    Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner/ Nuno3D Service


    Scanatic™ DC Suite



    3D merchandizing platform

    Scanatic™ StyleBook Service


    Digital retail solutions

    Cloudzet Store App/ Web Plug-in



    Success Stories


    QORE 3D Success Stories

    "Our partnership with TG3D Studio has been amazing. We finally found a powerful suite of digital tools that really makes the whole creative process faster and easier."


    - Harry Ling, Founder of QORE

    Ching's 3D Success Story

    "The 3D garments must be able to connect seamlessly to production and execution. Instead of a pretty 3D garment, I actually focus more on the execution side. I believe that TG3D Studio’s software can meet our needs in both 2D and 3D."


    - Ching Chuan, Founder of Ching.Patternmaker

    G1 Lab 3D Success Story

    "It’s fast to model my designs in all sizes and generate digital patterns, just by scanning real human bodies and paper patterns. Finally, I can preview, not just imagine how it will look in my brain!"


    - Gillian, Founder & Designer of G1 Lab

    Facha 3D Success Story

    "In the past, there was a 30% chance that a customer would need his suit adjusted after we made it. Now, it's less than 10%. Thanks to the 3D body scanner, I have a standard, systematized technique for taking measurements."


    - Mr. Fang, Master Tailor and owner of Facha Tailor Shop

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