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    TG3D Studio is your trusted partner providing all-inclusive and revolutionary 3D fashion technologies, including 3D body scanner, fabric scanner, and fashion design software, allowing fashion brands, suppliers, and manufacturers to operate in a more sustainable and economical way.

    3D Body Scanner - Body Digitization

    Body Digitization 

    3D Fabric Scanner - Fabric Digitization

    Fabric Digitization 

    3D clothes management platform

    3D Design Studio

  • What Our Customers Say:

    3D Body Scanner Case Study_Bespoke

    3D Body Scanner - Bespoke Tailors

    3D Body Scanner Case Study_Lingerie

    3D Body Scanner - Lingerie Brands

    Digital Fashion Case Study_Education

    3D Fashion Design - for Education

    Stylebook  Case Study

    Digital Retail Experience - Online Fashion Brands

    3D Fabrics Case Study

    Fabric Scanner - Fabric Suppliers

    3D Design Case Study

    3D Fashion Design - Design Studios


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