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  • New Digital Era Starts With Your Shape


    Scan ‧ Digital 3D Avatar Creation ‧ Auto Measurements and Analysis

    All In A Few Seconds

    100+ sets


    Cloud Auto Body Measurements &

    Physique Analysis

    3 sec.


    Hi-Fidelity Scan

    100 %


    Self-Serve with Privacy

  • 3D Body Scan Self-Served


    Having a 3D Scan is as easy as a 1-2-3!


    No trained staff will be required in store to operate the 3D scanner for your customer and they don't need to worry about being seen in under-garments.


    Anyone can easily operate the Scanatic by themselves with the Cloudzet™ App installed on their own smart phones to initiate the scan inside the Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner to create their own 3D Avatars instantly!


    TG3D Studio also offers Cloudzet™ Professional Services to help any Brands customize and integrate Cloudzet™ App's functionalities into their own branded Mobile Apps.

    Ultra Fast Experience


    We, humans, can only stay still for a very short period of time before we start to jitter. Scanatic takes even less to scan!


    You can choose from different scanning modes based on what you need:


    • Hi-Fidelity Scan < 3 sec.


    After the scan completes, the Scanatic™ MTM Cloud Services will automatically generate a summary in less than 30 seconds!

    End-to-end Solution


    Scanatic is a comprehensive system and Cloud service solution

    that aims to solve MTM retailer's problems in obtaining

    accurate body measurements with efficiency and scalability.

    After the Scanatic™ 360 Scanner completes the scan,

    Scanatic Cloud Services - MTM Kit will further perform

    the following tasks to extract all the necessary information

    to make a well-fitted tailored outfit:

    • Automatic Measurements and Physique Analysis Report for tailors

    • Noise reduction

    • Automatic holes-filling

    • 3D Avatar Surface Reconstruction

    What is Scanatic™ ?

    Scanatic™a service platform consists of Scanatic™ 3D Body Scanner and Scanatic™ MTM Cloud Services, is designed specifically to serve Made-To-Measure(MTM) retailers and enables them to further transcend their business into the digital market space. It empowers MTM retailers to quickly scan, analyze, measure without humanly errors, and safely protects customer data while sending these private info to manufacturing site for production.


    With the Scanatic™, our clients are immediately empowered with the ability to digitalize their customers' physiques and enhance their Online-to-Offline (O2O) experiences with your products and services in areas such as bespoken fashion, retail apparel size recommendation, medical engineering, personalized fitness, gaming, virtual reality...etc.


    Scanatic™ leads the 3D body scanning industry by nourishing with all the technologies required for your Human Body Digitization needs. Are you ready to revamp your business in the virtual and e-commerce world? Contact us today!

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  • Who are we?

    TG3D Studio is a team of visionaries with diversified professional and industry backgrounds. Headquartered near Los Angeles, our research team has long been developing and supplying critical software components to 3D body scan solution industries. We now have further expanded our specialty scope to building range data scanner, surface reconstruction, hybrid modeling, body measurement and physiques analysis, cloud computing technologies and have further obtained patents in areas including fit/ease evaluation, virtual clothing, body morphong and body animations.


    We come together with one goal: to bring to the market the most effective and affordable technologies and to help people understand their own bodies in a quantitative and visualized manner. 


    We believe our scanning technology and cloud applications can help users in all areas such as bespoken fashion, size recommendation, medical engineering, personalized fitness, gaming, virtual reality...etc., like it has never done before. Our technology and services will help our partners in all verticals to obtain and fully exploit the human body data in the most hassle-free, efficient, precise and economical manner.

  • Where to find us?

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    7F, No. 8, Lane 19, Rong Hua West Road, Chang Ning District, Shanghai, China (P.R.C) 201103


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