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    Fashion technology that helps you deliver great fitting clothing, scale your business and improve and empower the customer through 3D clothes and interactive shopping experiences.

  •  Why 3D Fashion Technology?

    Contactless measuring experience with 3D body scanner

    Contactless Experience


    One 3D body scanning technology is all you need to reduce physical contact while taking body measurements, which also leads to a precisely customized pattern for perfectly fitting clothing.

    Speed up sales cycle with 3D body scanner

    Speed Up Sales Cycle


    It has been proven that our clients are able to reduce the number of fitting sessions per order and the clothing modification rate from 30% to under 10%, making for faster product delivery.


    Scale your business with 3D body scanner

    Scale your Business Online


    As long as your customers have scanned at your store once, they may utilize their body measurement data and shop freely online!


  • Benefits of using a 3D body scanner

    Having used the body scanner for several years now, I’d say that we rely on it a lot, because it’s extremely accurate. Our rate of alteration has decreased. In the past, there was a 30% chance that a customer would need his suit adjusted after we made it.


    Now, it’s less than 10%.


    - Mr. Fang, Master Tailor and owner of Facha Tailor Shop

    Benefits of using a 3D body scanner

    Thanks to this machine, I can obtain precise image and measurements of the customer’s body, allows me to take measurements with standardized and systematized technique. For me, the scanner has significantly reduced my workload. It’s also reduced our refitting rate.


    - Mr. Fang, Master Tailor and owner of Facha Tailor Shop


    Meet the next-generation tailor shop

      The combination of the Scanatic™ 360 body scanner, the Scanatic™ Body Service, the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service, and the Cloudzet™ Store App for the iPad will fulfill this experience.




    First Consultation


    Choose from a wide range of styles, fabrics, styling details and preview the 3D Formal Menswear Collection built-in our Scanatic™ StyleBook Service with the Cloudzet™ Store App for the iPad.


    Taking Body Measurement


    Perfect, fuss-free, and contactless Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner that eliminates human error in taking body measurements.


    Creating the Garments


    Refer to the body measurement data generated by the Scanatic™ Body Service to guide production, reducing the need for multiple fittings, and create the final designs.




    Final Fitting and Styling


    Customers come for the final fitting and styling and leave with perfectly fitting clothing.


    Frequently Asked Questions

  • For perfect, fuss-free customer measurement:

    The Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner and the Scanatic™ Body Service

  • One 3D body scanning technology is all you need to understand your customers' body shape, leading to a precisely customized pattern for perfectly fitting clothing.


    With it, you can easily expand your business to new locations and share instant access to consistent data sets with your tailors and manufacturers in any place, whether on-site or in another country.


    1 customer operated body scan


    Taking 3 seconds will give you


    a 3D body profile and


    200+ sets of body measurements specific to pattern making.


    Professional users can also customize the experience by choosing an alternative or additional measurements to capture using the built-in tools in your online account.


    Our AI-driven algorithms have pinpointed the optimal key landmark positions, but each landmark can easily be changed by the user if wished by dragging it to a new place. As well as this, new custom-defined automatic measurements can be specially created exclusively for you upon request, available to be viewed and used by you and only you.


    This Scanatic™ for Fashion combination of Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner and Scanatic™ Body Service eliminates human error in taking body measurements, and there is no need for multiple fitting sessions, making for faster product delivery.

  • For empowering customers with creative possibilites:

    The Cloudzet™ Store App for the iPad, Cloudzet™ Store Web-Plugin, Scanatic™ DC Suite, Scanatic™ StyleBook Service, Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner, and the​ Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service

  • Savvy shoppers know precisely what does and doesn't suit them. When they fall in love with your designs, they will be delighted to know that they can change and make tweaks to them to create their ideal garment. New customers may be nervous –a visual representation will show them exactly how their choices will look.


    Let your customers be in control during the shopping journey by using the Cloudzet™ Store App for the iPad. They can visually design their ideal product by selecting pre-designed items created by you using the Scanatic™ DC Suite. You can also use the built-in menswear collections by TG3D Studio.


    They can then experiment with a variety of styling options, created using the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service. Your own range of fabrics will also be ready for them to choose from. Just scan and digitize your fabric offerings with the Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner and convert them into 3D digital fabrics with the Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service.


    Using the Cloudzet™ Store Web-Plugin, professional users can also integrate this interactive experience to their existing e-commerce platforms.

  • Questions?

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