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    Fashion technology to help you deliver great fitting clothing, scale your business, and improve and empower the customer through 3D apparel and interactive shopping experiences.


    Why 3D Technologies?

    Contactless Experience


    One 3D body scanning technology is all you need to reduce physical contact while taking body measurements, which also leads to a precisely customized pattern for perfectly fitting clothing.

    Speed Up Sales Cycle


    It has been proven that our clients are able to reduce the number of fitting sessions per order and the garment modification rate from 30% to under 10%, making for faster product delivery.


    Scale your business online


    As long as your customers have scanned at your store once, they may utilize their body measurement data and shop freely online!



    Meet the next-generation tailor shop

      The combination of the Scanatic™ 360 body scanner, the Scanatic™ Body Service, the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service, and the Cloudzet™ Store App for the iPad will fulfill this experience.




    First Consultation


    Choose from a wide range of styles, fabrics, styling details and preview the 3D Formal Menswear Collection built-in our Scanatic™ StyleBook Service with the Cloudzet™ Store App for the iPad.


    Taking Body Measurement


    Perfect, fuss-free, and contactless Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner that eliminates human error in taking body measurements.


    Creating the Garments


    Refer to the body measurement data generated by the Scanatic™ Body Service to guide production, reducing the need for multiple fittings, and create the final designs.




    Final Fitting and Styling


    Customers come for the final fitting and styling and leave with perfectly fitting clothing.

  • Having used the body scanner for several years now, I’d say that we rely on it a lot, because it’s extremely accurate. Our alteration rate has gone down. In the past, there was a 30% chance that a customer would need his suit adjusted after we made it.


    Now, it’s less than 10%.

    Thanks to this machine, I have an image of the customer’s body, and I have precise measurements, so I have a standard, systematized technique for taking measurements. For me, the scanner has significantly reduced my workload. It’s also reduced our refitting rate.


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