The ultimate On-Demand 3D Rendering Service - Scanatic™ RenderStock Service

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It’s time to market your fashion with a visual impact that perfectly brings your products to life!

TG3D Studio is bringing you the most powerful and effective on-demand HD rendering feature - the Scanatic™ RenderStock Service! On top of the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service subscription, you may now buy render credits for your account and use your credits for every render.

Starting from *USD 0.4 & 5 minutes per image, you can use these photo realistic images of your product created directly from the 3D design, avoiding the expense and time of making a physical sample and doing photoshoots.

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*USD 0.4 & 5 minutes are the price & processing time for an image size at Full HD (72 DPI) - 1080 x 1920


Simple as 1-2-3 with few clicks of a button

The process is as simple as this: choose the number of angles, the rendering quality, check out with your pre-paid credits and the rendering process will start. The assets are sent to the render jobs pipeline and in less than 25 minutes** the processed images will be ready for you to download.

**Actual processing time will depends on the quantity and image size of the rendering images

Streamlined 3D asset generation process across departments

Once the 3D team has made the designs in 3D from their patterns with Scanatic™ DC Suite, all the 3D assets you need (garments, fabrics and trims) will be in one place on the Scanatic™ for Fashion website. Anyone in your

business with minimal 3D skills can easily configure a new style by pairing styling options, fabrics and trims, then send it off for high-quality rendering by the Scanatic™ RenderStock Service without having to continually request the help of the 3D design team. This, as a result, will increase their capacity to take on more projects.

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Sell your creations with rendered product shots before they’re even made  

From capturing the products in different views to zooming in for eye catching details, you can now easily manipulate and generate specific product images that you need for either marketing, sales, product review, or proposal usages.


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How does it work?



Step 1: Design

Create your 3D garment with Scanatic™ DC Suite and program in all available styling and trim options. Then upload the design project to the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service. (We also provide technical design services to create the 3D garment for you. Learn more about the service here: 3D Technical Design Consulting )

Step 2: Configure

Configure your design projects by making certain styling options available and assign fabric and trims libraries.  Then you can create, from the design projects, as many unique SKUs with all kinds of variances within the parameters as you want.

Step 3: Render

Select the render angles and resolutions, make sure that you have sufficient render credits, and send them in for high-quality rendering.

Step 4: Download

The high-quality images will be automatically saved to your Scanatic™ for Fashion  account. You can download them to your local device or display them with Cloudzet Store App/ Web Plug-in.


How to access?

Apparel > Single item > HD gallery

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How to purchase?

For existing clients, please contact your sales window.

For new clients, please contact our sales team through the button below



Scanatic™ RenderStock Service Overview


Default captured angles:

- 1 image from the front

- 4 images from the 360° angle

- 32 images from the 360° angle

- Manual capture (Coming soon!)


Image size:

- Full HD (72 DPI) - 1080 x 1920

- UHD 4K (72 DPI) - 2160 x 4096

- A4 (300 DPI) - 2480 x 3508 

- Animated GIF with 4 angles (Coming soon!)

- Animated GIF with 32 angles (Coming soon!)


Estimated processing time:

5-25 minutes based on the quantity and image size of the rendering images


Output image file:

png file with clear background