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    All the Garment Designs/ Patterns created by LES AMIANTS & EB ATELIER

  • Collab with TG3D Studio

    Integrated 2D and 3D solutions are a must-have to meet the challenges of today's realities.​


    -Ewelina, Founder of EB ATELIER

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    3D Garment Design

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  • Who is TG3D Studio?

    TG3D Studio is your trusted partner providing versatile and all-inclusive technologies to bring a digital boost to your brand. Through our Scanatic™ for Fashion platform, we digitally transform your development workflows and business models from start to finish. Our solutions also effective for everyone - from independent fashion professionals to large enterprises.

    What is Scanatic™ for Fashion platform?

    Scanatic™ for Fashion (S4F) is an all-in-one platform providing fully integrated, open and industry-compliant file interfaces, digital tools encompassing body, materials, clothing digitalization, and retail solution modules. We can help any apparel businesses or professionals with growing needs to adopt 3D in their business operations on a painless and cost-efficient journey.

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