• TG3D Xperience LAB

    TG3D Xperience LAB

    Connecting disrupters with the right technology to develop the future of fashion and beyond.

  • Innovate and disrupt

    Our goal is to nurture creativity to develop and advance ideas jointly. Across the different Xperience LABs, we want to support and encourage fashion change-makers to:

    • explore ways to streamline their current practice with 3D digital assets (body, fabrics, garments)
    • inspire innovative business models and consumer experiences
    • combine TG3D Studio technology with your own to create entirely new solutions.
    We work with partners across the globe to make our technology accessible to inspire students and visionaries from all backgrounds. The self-service and simple processes behind our Xperience LABs make it easy to test the features of the Scanatic™ Platform.

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