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  • COVID-proof your measurement taking process

    We care about your safety and well-being very much. This is why we developed the first 3D body scanner that does not require handle bars and allows you to control the software with simple body movements to steer clear from COVID-19

    Interactive 3D Shopping Experience

    Empowering your customers to preview their customization selections can boost conversions and grow your base of loyal customers

    From brick and mortar to online

    Customers cannot find time to come in and make new purchases? No problem! Eliminate the purchasing frictions and take their orders online

    Business Scalability

    Does your business expansion get caught in a jam with employees who can take reliable measurements are scarce? With the internet connected Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanners and Body Services, your tailors or suppliers in any part of the world will have instant access to customers' avatars and up to 250+ auto-extracted measurements specific for pattern creation.

  • A. How does 3D body scanning work?


    Customers serve themselves using our new contact-less software interface to get themselves scanned. The scan is fast (3 sec.), safe and privacy respecting.


    Tailors and suppliers log into Scanatic™ for Fashion Platform and review the scans any time and from any where


    See customers' real body shapes; Use from the 250+ auto-extracted measurements or re-adjust key landmarks to refresh the readings. Apply the measurements to your existing production process.

  • B. How do I bring 3D configurators to my business?


    Build style templates with Scanatic™ DC Suite using digital patterns. Add fabric options through DC Suite or scan with Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanners.


    Configure your styles with Scanatic™ StyleBook Service in either fixed looks or allow interchangeable styling options and fabrics/trims.


    Display the styles in a digital interactive catalogue using the Cloudzet Store on the iPad or plug the 3D configurator into your website with the web plug-in.

  • 30-Day risk-free trial & financing option

    3D Tech Festival Exclusive Offer


    Custom Clothier Package

    $5,000 down

    (30-day money back guarantee)





    35 monthly payments

    Package includes:

    Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner TG2000-F

    Scanatic™ CalibKit CK2000

    Scanatic™ Body Service license

    1 year warranty

    Self set-up with instructions

    E-mail support




    Custom Clothier Package

    $5,500 down

    (30-day money back guarantee)





    35 monthly payments

    Package includes:

    Everything in Silver Package +

    Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner

    Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service pkg 1

    Scanatic™ StyleBook Service pkg 2






    Custom Clothier Package

    $6,000 down

    (30-day money back guarantee)





    35 monthly payments

    Package includes:

    Everything in Gold Package +

    Cloudzet Store Web Plug-in license

    $200 API request credits per year

    Up to 30 Developer Support Tickets




  • A. 3D Body Scan

    Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner


    - Contactless: minimal touching of the scanner to ensure customers' health is protected.

    - Fast (3 seconds) and safe to use.

    - Privacy protected: no photo / videos taken.

    Scanatic™ Body Service


    - 250+ sets of pattern making specific body measurements automatically extracted.

    - Adjustable landmarks to refresh measurement readings.

    - Access the scans any time from anywhere. No longer relying on a sheet of paper with hand written measurements.

  • B.1 Create styles in 3D

    Scanatic™ DC Suite

    • From 2D patterns to 3D garments: DC Suite can accept DXF exported from mainstream 2D CAD.
    • Realistic drape visualization simulated with selected materials.
    • Virtual fittings on built-in or scanned avatars from Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanners.
    • Supports Design Modularities for creation of multiple variants from your design.
    * Menswear Clothiers: You may access the TG3D Fashion 3D Apparel Collection that includes pre-made 3D menswear collections, trims, and fabrics without having to use DC Suite

  • B.1 Digitize your fabrics offering

    Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service 

    (Nuno Fabric Scanner included!)

    • Download the free NunoScan App on your own iPhone X or SE(2020) and scan the fabrics in the Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner.
    • Straightforward scanning process: photoshoot, review and edit.
    • True-to-life rendering 3D display.
    • Generate digital fabrics in Color, Normal, Specular maps or in PBR format (Roughness, Metalness, Ambient-Occlusion) which are compatible with most professional 3D software.

  • B.2 Configure your offerings

    Scanatic™ StyleBook Service


    - Mix and match pattern, fabrics and trim details and create unlimited SKUs within a few clicks.

    - Customize from the 3D configurator in the Cloudzet Store App and create a custom order that will sync back to the Scanatic™ for Fashion platform for easy order tracking.   

  • B.3 Display offline and online

    Cloudzet™ Store App for the iPad
    • iPad 2018 or later model recommended for the best experience.
    • The interactive 3D browsing and customization experience lets your customer preview their styling selections.  Minimize their anxieties and increase conversions.

    Cloudzet™ Store Web Plug-in

    • Extend the Cloudzet Store experience from the iPad to your e-commerce website!
    • Empower your customers to place


  • Who are we?

    TG3D Studio is your trusted partner providing versatile and all-inclusive technology to bring a digital boost to your brand. Through our Scanatic™ for Fashion platform, we digitally transform your development workflows and business models from start to finish. Our solutions are effective for everyone - from independent fashion professionals to large enterprises.

    What is Scanatic™ for Fashion Digital Solutions

    Scanatic™ for Fashion (S4F) is an all-in-one platform providing fully integrated, open and industry-compliant file interfaces, digital tools encompassing body, materials, clothing digitalization, and retail solution modules. We can help any apparel businesses or professionals with growing needs to adopt 3D in their business operations on a painless and cost-efficient journey.

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