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  • 2020 Earth Day

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    Chen Yen Chi

    3D Technical Designer

    Start from Sep 2019


    Instagram @yc2_ycc

  • 3D Designer Talent Program

    TG3D Studio is actively running a 3D Designer Talent Program that allows Scanatic™ DC Suite power users to collaborate with our 3D design team. Every month we initiate the fun and cool projects to challenge our power users with the hottest topics. They could not only receive professional help from our 3D designers but also experience TG3D Studio's digital technologies, such as Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner, Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner, Scanatic™ StyleBook Service, and more!


    Do you also have any cool ideas and wish to see it come true?

    As long as you achieve certification level to professional, you will be able to join the 3D Designer Talent Program!

  • How to join the 3D Designer Talent Program?



    Start your journey with Scanatic™ DC Suite online courses to become one of our 3D experts!



    Learn Scanatic™ DC Suite to a qualified level and work at your own pace to achieve Advanced / Professional / Coaching certification.


    3D Designer Talent Program

    After you get your certification, you are automatically included in our 3D Designer Talent Pool.


    Start Freelancing Jobs

    Acquire freelancer 3D fashion design jobs in an easier and more convenient way!

  • Start from Indie Designer Special Offers

  • 3D is the Future for Fashion

    Big brands like Dior, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger have introduced the use of 3D into their design process.


    Are you 3D-ready for your career in fashion?

    3D = Productivity + Un-restricted Creativity

    Push the limits of your design without being constrained by budget and resources!


    Make line and assortment decisions with visual confirmation and not through imagination.

    3D activates demand-driven apparel economy

    You don't need to wait for your idea to be made into physical goods before being able to find out it is well-received on the market. Use the digital clothes to test the market, create demand driven business models and ensure you are producing what your customers truly will like.

    3D drives sustainability

    Digitalization leads to


    80% reduction


    on carbon emissions, water & fabric consumptions throughout the products life cycle


  • Who is TG3D Studio?

    TG3D Studio is your trusted partner providing versatile and all-inclusive technologies to bring a digital boost to your brand. Through our Scanatic™ for Fashion platform, we digitally transform your development workflows and business models from start to finish. Our solutions also effective for everyone - from independent fashion professionals to large enterprises.

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    What is Scanatic™ for Fashion platform?

    Scanatic™ for Fashion (S4F) is an all-in-one platform providing fully integrated, open and industry-compliant file interfaces, digital tools encompassing body, materials, clothing digitalization, and retail solution modules. We can help any apparel businesses or professionals with growing needs to adopt 3D in their business operations on a painless and cost-efficient journey.

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