No, the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service can only work with designs from the Scanatic™ DC Suite. If you would like to use our Scanatic™ StyleBook Service but you have already created 3D garments in other 3D fashion design software, here are the solutions:

- Export .dfx file from other software → Import the file into Scanatic™ DC Suite → Alter panels and parts according to the settings in Scanatic™ DC Suite → Upload to Scanatic™ StyleBook Service

- Export .dfx file from other software → Hand the file to us and we will transform your designs to Scanatic™ DC Suite project → Upload your projects to your Scanatic™ StyleBook Service account *Note: This will require the 3D Technical Design Consulting Services

Use the StyleBRIC feature in Scanatic™ DC Suite to design your collection. Learn more about StyleBRIC feature here:

Each of our projects are charged individually. The overall cost depends on the complexity of the project. Please see a detailed explanation of how to estimate the cost of the projects here

Yes, you may integrate this experience on your website or an iPad with our Cloudzet store app & Cloudzet store web plug-in. Learn more about this in the “Digital Retail Experience”section.