- We provide comprehensive online education resources. In around a week, you will be able to go through all the video resources and understand the fundamentals of Scanatic™ DC Suite. This will enable you to get started and produce your first 3D designs.

- We also provide fundamental/ advanced offline workshops in certain regions - please check with us for specific details.

Unfortunately, we only have the Windows version right now. The Mac version might be launching in the future. However, we don't have a specific timeline for it.

We do not offer discounts year round, however:

- If you sign up for the 3D Designer Talent Program, you are eligible for a discount to your individual license upon our approval.

- If you have requests for more than 5 licenses, please contact us directly.

We will send out the Scanatic™ DC Suite application patch with the email containing your license information after you purchase the license or request a free trial.

Yes. However, when you log in to the same account on a different device, you will be signed out from the previous device.

Certainly. For more information please visit the blog post: Going Digital - a Vital Step in the Post-Covid Fashion Landscape for Brands of All Sizes

The program enables you to learn Scanatic™ DC Suite to a qualified level. Work at your own pace to receive advanced/ professional/ coaching certification.

When we update with a new version of the software, a reminder window will popup when you open the program and you can update it manually.

For any questions regarding the software, please contact DCS support team through

- Email: dcs_support@tg3ds.com

- Quora Community Board: DC Suite Community Board

- Facebook Group: DCsuite