- We provide comprehensive online education resources. In around a week, you will be able to go through all the video resources and understand the fundamentals of Scanatic™ DC Suite. This will enable you to get started and produce your first 3D designs.

- We also provide fundamental/ advanced offline workshops in certain regions - please check with us for specific details.

Unfortunately, we only have the Windows version right now. The Mac version will be launching in the future.

We do not offer discounts year round, however:

- If you sign up for the 3D Designer Talent Program, you are eligible for a discount to your individual license upon our approval.

- If you have requests for more than 5 licenses, please contact us directly.

We will send out the Scanatic™ DC Suite application patch with the email containing your license information after you purchase the license or request a free trial.

Yes. However, when you log in to the same account on a different device, you will be signed out from the previous device.

Certainly. For more information please visit the blog post: Going Digital - a Vital Step in the Post-Covid Fashion Landscape for Brands of All Sizes

The program enables you to learn Scanatic™ DC Suite to a qualified level. Work at your own pace to receive advanced/ professional/ coaching certification.

When we update with a new version of the software, a reminder window will popup when you open the program and you can update it manually.

For any questions regarding the software, please contact DCS support team through

- Email: dcs_support@tg3ds.com

- Facebook Group: DCsuite