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    A suite of digital tools that allows your customer to directly connect with the latest technology. They are empowered to make an informed choice about their purchase, and you experience reduced returns along with a great reputation for customer care.


    A useful outcome of the experience is the resulting data, which is automatically anonymised and can be analysed for accurate size forecasting.

  • Which Scanatic™ for Fashion combination

    is right for me?

  • For increasing purchase confidence, improving fit, and making forecasts:

    The Scanatic™ 360 body scanner, the Scanatic™ Body Service and the Scanatic™ SizeRec Service

  • This combination is perfect for retailers who have bricks and mortar stores. Its effect is greatly magnified when there is both an offline and an online presence. It combines the best of both worlds for the ultimate outcome, and provides a service which cannot be met by those who only have an online presence.

    It helps you to make garments which fit your target customer incredibly well, eliminating guesswork to assist them in choosing their perfect size. This reduces the return rate due to ill-fitting products. Your loyal customer knows they can rely on you for flattering, perfectly fitting clothes and repeat purchases will increase.


    The Scanatic™ 360 body scanner is our simple-to-use hardware, which you can install in your changing rooms. Customers can then be invited to make a three-second scan of themselves in privacy. The Scanatic™ Body Service will automatically convert their body profile into more than 150 sets of meaningful body measurements specific to pattern making and a 3D body profile.


    After comparing your clothing sizes with the customer’s measurements using the Scanatic™ SizeRec Service, our algorithm will pair your customers with personalised size recommendations. They will ultimately be able to make smarter buying decisions without having to go through frustrating rounds of trying clothes on in-store.


    For future purchases they can confidently buy in your online store, knowing exactly what size to buy every time. The whole service provides a coherent omni channel shopping experience. It is the perfect way to maximise your real-world presence and significantly differentiate yourself from digital native brands.


    Naturally, individual customer data is encrypted for privacy. However, the collected data is available for analysis. Using this, your business will be able to make an informed buying plan and forecast by geographical regions and size distributions to avoid excess inventory after the season ends.




  • For dramatically speeding up and cutting the cost of your design and prototyping:

    The Scanatic™ DC Suite, Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner, and the Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service

  • This combination can reduce your product development cycle from months to just weeks. Simplify the process and cut your prototyping costs with realistic visualisations of the finished garment.

    The digital imagery is easily created by importing 2D patterns to the Scanatic™ DC Suite. The fabric draping will look realistic since you can choose what type of fabric you want to simulate. You can finesse this by viewing how your fabric inventory will look on the garment too.


    Create your own digital fabric warehouse by scanning your fabrics with the Scanatic™ Nuno Fabric Scanner and processing them with the Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service. The resulting digital fabrics can be outputted in various general formats compatible with most 3D software. You can then apply the digital fabrics to designs in the Scanatic™ DC Suite. Instant previews for finding the optimal pairing of fabric with silhouette make the design process a breeze. The digital fabrics can also be exported to various formats compatible with most 3D software.




  • For innovatively enhancing your digital marketing:

    The Scanatic™ DC Suite, Scanatic™ Stylebook Service and the Cloudzet™ Store App for the iPad or Cloudzet™ Store Web-Plugin

  • Enhance your relationship with your customers and grow your sales.

    You can turn the 3D designs you created in the Scanatic™ DC Suite into digital marketing assets. These can help you power new interactive experiences for your shoppers. The Scanatic™ Stylebook Service allows you to take product designs from the Scanatic™ DC Suite as templates and generate them into infinite unique visual and interactive 3D apparel assets.


    Using the Cloudzet™ Store Web-Plugin or Cloudzet™ Store App for the iPad professional users can also integrate this interactive experience to their existing e-commerce platforms.

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