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    TG3D Studio provides customizable 3D technology solutions and 3D Technical Design Services to guide you step-by-step through your digital transformation journey.


    For those who want to

    get a quick start with 3D design workflow

    3D Technical Design Service

    Let TG3D Studio’s experts help you with the assessments and implementations to ensure a pain-free onboarding with 3D!

    Special pricing:

    FREE 60 minutes consultation + $150 USD/ production day

    Standard pricing: FREE 30 minutes consultation + $175 USD/ production day

    What will we offer?

    • Consultations: We will discuss your goals and work together to put together a plan with the best approach and help you achieve your objectives

    • Implementations: Whether your designs are sketches only or you have the patterns, we will help to turn your designs into 3D and advise how to fully utilize those 3D assets.


    Note: Please specify that you saw our promotion at The Digital Fashion Online Summit when booking.


    For those who wish to create 3D garments with real fabrics

    Fabric Digitization Service

    Transform your physical fabrics into a true-to-life 3D format for an accurate representation with a speedy and affordable process

    Special pricing:

    $250 for the Scanner + shipping + pre-paid credits ($2/scan)

    Standard pricing: $1,200 USD/ per year for up to 600 fabric scans

    What will we offer?

    • DIY Fabric Scanner: Lightweight and straightforward fabric scanner that operates with an *iPhone X or SE 2020 model.

    • 3D Processing Engine: Automatically capture and process the fabric images into digital maps with 3D texture display properties: color, normal, specular, roughness, metalness, RMA, and ambient-occlusion maps for any 3D software.

    *iPhone not included in the package

    Note: Please specify that you saw our promotion at The Digital Fashion Online Summit when booking.


    For those who require a realistic garment fitting scenario

    Body Digitization Service

    Transform your fitting model into a 3D avatar for realistic garment fittings in a 3D fashion design software. This service is only available at the following locations where our 3D body scanner is placed: New York, Hong Kong, Taipei, Paris, Amsterdam, San Francisco.

    Special pricing:

    $425 USD/ per 3D avatar

    Standard pricing: $500 USD/ per 3D avatar

    What will we offer?

    • 3D Body scanning service: Your fitting model will be authorized to use one of our 3D body scanners in a designated location

    • 3D Avatar: After scanning, we will provide you with a sophisticated, clean, and rigged 3D avatar with a changeable posture and realistic movements in .fbx file format.

  • "Our partnership with TG3D Studio has been amazing. We finally found a powerful suite of digital tools that really makes the whole creative process faster and easier."


    - Harry Ling, Founder of QORE


    "What I need from digitization tools—it’s all about 2D patterns. The 3D garments must be able to connect seamlessly to production and execution. Instead of a pretty 3D garment, I actually focus more on the execution side. I believe that TG3D Studio’s software can meet our needs in both 2D and 3D."


    - Ching Chuan, Founder of Ching.Patternmaker


    It’s fast to model my designs in all sizes and generate digital patterns, just by scanning real human bodies and paper patterns. Finally, I can preview, not just imagine how it will look in my brain!"


    - Gillian, Founder & Designer of G1 Lab


    "In the past, there was a 30% chance that a customer would need his suit adjusted after we made it. Now, it's less than 10%. Thanks to the 3D body scanner, I have an image of the customer's body, and I have precise measurements, so I have a standard, systematized technique for taking measurements."


    - Mr. Fang, Master Tailor and owner of Facha Tailor Shop

  • Who are we?

    TG3D Studio is your trusted partner providing versatile and all-inclusive technologies to bring a digital boost to your brand. Through our Scanatic™ for Fashion platform, we digitally transform your development workflows and business models from start to finish. Our solutions are effective for everyone - from independent fashion professionals to large enterprises.

    What is Scanatic™ for Fashion platform?

    Scanatic™ for Fashion (S4F) is an all-in-one platform providing fully integrated, open and industry-compliant file interfaces, digital tools encompassing body, materials, clothing digitalization, and retail solution modules. We can help any apparel businesses or professionals with growing needs to adopt 3D in their business operations on a painless and cost-efficient journey.