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Scanatic™ StyleBook Product Update

- Tuxedo Collections

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TG3D Formal Wear Collection consists of different types of menswear such as double-breasted suits with 6 buttons or 2 buttons, shirts with or without french cuff, trousers and so on. The built-in menswear collection could help brands create infinite SKU by combining different modular parts and selected fabric pairings. Brands could make as many versions of the clothing as you want!

However, the formal wear collection will not be completed without the tuxedo designs and tuxedo collection is now officially launched! For our Scanatic™ StyleBook Service clients, you will automatically see the tuxedo shirt and pants in the "Apparel" page of the Scanatic™ For Fashion website with the tag of TG3D Collection.

For the tuxedo shirt, we have different styles of the back, collar, cuffs, and bib designs for you to choose from.

For the tuxedo pants, we have different styles of the front and side-seam stripe designs for you to choose from.

You might be wondering, how about tuxedo jacket? No worries. The tuxedo jacket is also available however it's by request only due to some technical rules that requires detailed explanations by our team.

Contact us for the tuxedo jacket project and more details.

The new upgrade is available for all of our clients automatically without any manual updates. If you have any further questions or opinion regarding our updates , please contact us through the button below!

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