• Three Words - One Mission

    Digitally Empowering Fashion

    TG3D Studio's mission is to revolutionize the fashion world by providing easy-to-use digital tools to design and manufacture garments with a great fit.


    Consumers can shop with confidence, thanks to our interactive retail experiences.

  • Our Values

    We believe in constant innovation, customer focus, sustainability and in nurturing our team's talents for the best possible working environment.

    Constant Innovation

    Customer focus


    Nurturing Talents

  • Company Info

    5 offices

    Hong Kong | Taiwan | Shanghai | Korea | US


    1201 Houston Centre,

    63 Mody Road,


    Hong Kong

  • Questions?

    If you'd like to talk about any of our products, we'd love to hear from you.

    Send us a message if you'd like to chat.